Designed with our patients in mind, Helena SurgiCenter combines the expertise of many of the area’s most respected surgeons with advanced technology and personalized care.

The physicians at Helena SurgiCenter are leaders in their respective fields and are dedicated to providing best-in-class care to the community they call home. For every patient who walks through our doors, they aim to provide compassionate care, quality outcomes, and overall satisfaction knowing that patients personally chose to have their procedure done at our facility.

The medical staff of Helena SurgiCenter consists of over 30 physicians across nine different medical specialties. Each surgeon has met the highest standards mandated by our licensure and accrediting agencies. Their continued commitment to studying new medical advances and techniques, along with our state-of-the-art surgical facility, makes Helena SurgiCenter an ideal choice for Helena area residents who require outpatient surgery.


Dee Allen, M.D.
David Boggs, M.D.
Michael Mondloch, M.D.
Joseph Murphy, M.D.
Jeanne Sticht, M.D.
Duane Thomas, M.D.
William Tonidandel, M.D.
Raina Hollerbaugh, M.D.


Matthew Coplin, D.D.S.
Quinn Erwin, D.D.S.
Kevin Rencher, D.D.S. (Pediatric)
Mari Kiesling, D.D.S. (Pediatric)


Scott Pargot, D.O.
Nathan Sanders, D.O.

general surgery

Alissa Abentroth, M.D.
John Galt, M.D.
Will Harper, M.D.
Emily Bubbers, M.D.


Michael Hay, M.D.
Maria Huntley, M.D.
Andrew Malany, M.D.
Jack McMahon, Jr., M.D.
Alexis O’Leary, D.O.


Thomas Berbos, M.D.
David Boes, M.D.
Jeff Peckinpaugh, M.D.


Erik Bergquist, M.D.
Kerry Hale Ford, M.D.
Pete Hanson, M.D.
John Michelloti, M.D.
Joshua Hudgens, M.D.
Calvin Schlepp, M.D.

plastic surgery

Sarah Evans, M.D.


Anthony Quebedeaux, D.P.M.
Jason Smith, D.P.M.